Monday, July 31, 2017

20170731 -- Elder Andrew Geddes in the mission field - watch videos

We have 2 baptismal dates for Saturday, Carlos and Gabriela. Also next change we have 4 people that can be baptized. John the brother of Carlos, Yamilet and Chuchu the son and niece of Lucero my convert and Orvelin. He has good assistance in the church, he just needs to read the book of Mormon and pray. He struggles with pride and wants to teach to look smart. He does know a lot from the bible but he needs a testimony of the Book of Mormon. The last lesson with him went well. We invited him to baptism like 5 times during the lesson. The spirit was really strong so even though he didn't accept it yet he definitely felt something. Today we went and hiked Chipique. It was really hot. I don't like hiking very much but I was still good. There was some kind of animal that was super cool. After we ran into a bunch of mansions that were super cool. I guess that part of the city of Monterrey is the richest city in all of Latin America. There were some super awesome cars that passed by and then we went to the mall that was close by. It was super big and really nice. Here are two videos that I really like. I feel like crying when I watch the first one. I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. I will send pictures next week!! Watch the videos there awesome!!!!

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