Monday, July 3, 2017

20170703 Elder Geddes in the mission field - Pictures

This week I got my new companion this week Elder AC. He is a recent convert of 2 years. He hass got a lot of energy and we teach pretty good together. He talks a lot about his last area and how they had bikes. Its literally all that he can talk about. He really wants a bike right now but our area is really poor. We don't need bikes. Its not safe. I've prayed about it and I don't feel like we should have them. We asked president and basically said to work it out. The mission wouldn't pay for it. I don't know what to do because I don't want contention. This week we have 2 FECHAS BAUTISMALES (baptismal dates) for this Saturday. One named Lucero and the other Terasa. Its getting hotter if that's possible. The CanĂ­cula starts August 15. Stay strong in the gospel. There is power in keeping the commandments. If we do our part God will always give us blessing. Through the gospel we can feel the love of God and have peace and joy in this life and for the eternity. 

Love Elder Geddes

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