Monday, August 28, 2017

20170828 -- Elder Geddes in the mission - Service is super fun...

Nothing out of the ordinary happened this week. My companion has to get surgery on his nose but we still don't know if they are going to do it in the mission or if he'll be sent home to get it done. He's been really down since he found out he might be sent home. It's really hard having a companion all the time. Of all the difficulties of the mission so far the hardest thing for me is having a companion. I can take the heat and the walking and the rejection, and the sleepiness, but dang it's hard to have a companion. He wastes all of his money and then doesn't have money for things that he needs but I do feel bad when I have money for food and he doesn't and so I end up buying for him. I do whatever I can to avoid conflict. I read my patriarchal blessing again. Honestly it scares me a little bit. Also it says my mission will be hard. I'm loving the mission though. I wish more people would except the gospel. One thing that I love to do is to serve others. Service is super fun and just helps everyone out. Jesus spent his whole life serving and helping others. If you want to learn how to become more like Christ go do some genuine service for someone else! You'll be happy and so will they:) This week if all goes well we'll finally baptize Teresa. We see a lot of dead dogs. They kill them in all sorts of ways. But this one smelt really bad so I took a picture...

Monday, August 21, 2017

20170821 -- Elder Geddes in the mission - Teresa got married!!!

Today I complete 6 months in the mission!!!! This week was good for the most part. We went to the temple on Wednesday. It was good as always. After we went to the hospital for my companion. He gets really bad headaches and it affects him with the work. He cant get out of bed until 8 and he is always complaining that he has pain and he talks less in the lesson when he has pain. I hope that doctors can find out whats wrong with him. Originally he didn't want to go because he doesn't want to get sent home but I talked to the zone leaders and they set up an appointment for him. We had a miracle this week. Our investigator Teresa got married!!! We put a baptismal date for this Saturday so if all goes well she'll get baptized then. I just hope she doesn't start smoking again because Satan works hard when someone is close to being baptized. It's going to be really awesome because her husband can be the one to do it. I really want to help the people here. Satan is working hard. It's a testimony that these are the last days. It's the little things that are going to make a big difference in the end. Today we went to the doctor again and then took advantage of the fact that we weren't in the middle of nowhere anymore and went to the mall that was close by. We ran into an American Eagle. It made me miss a little bit the times when I had style haha. Also it was nice to feel air conditioning. Trivia question: Who gave John the baptist the authority to baptize?

Monday, August 14, 2017

20170814 -- Elder Geddes in the mission - no air conditioning

So we payed 4 months rent in advance so that the owners of the house could put in a cooler but it doesnt work it just blows air but it doesnt cool it. I already knew that this was going to happen because they are super selfish and just wanted the cooler in the house because the contract with the church ends in November. My companion is super mad and calls them like five times a day but we think they blocked our number because it just goes straight to voicemail. We have called a bunch of people and the cheapest that they can fix it is 800 pesos. We visited a less active named Hermana Leonor. She suffers from depession. She doesnt want to go to church anymore because she doesnt like a member. She said that she knows the church is true but she is going to another church. I set up an appointment for her to talk to the branch president but I dont think she went because she wasnt at church. It makes me sad. Carlos is now living with his father who drinks. Satan really worked on him. We only had Teresa in the church. I did divisions with a missionary that says that the whole mission is slow. Hes from Arizona. He spent the whole time complaining. I tried to speak english with him but it was really hard. We taught Orbelin. My companion and I bore strong testimony that the book of Mormon was true. He was reading it but not with good intentions and he hasnt prayed to know if it is true. His bible that he always uses is the new world translation of the sacred scriptures, its the uncomplete bible of the Testigos de Jehovah. The niece of Lucero wants to get baptised but her mom wont let her. We went and did service by pulling weeds for her. I used a big machete. Mom wouldnt aprove haha. We have an appointment with her tomorrow. There isnt much else new. We are going to the temple on Wednesday. It's really hot. Its gross becuase the armpit of all of my shirts are ruined because I sweat so much. I get headaches sometimes from the heat but im okay dont worry about my health. Just enjoy your air conditioned home and your normal food that doesnt give you diarhea.

Monday, August 7, 2017

20170807 -- Elder Geddes in the mission - Working hard

One is a 12 year old who wants to get baptised but his father said that he will beat him if he does. The other is an 8 year old. Her sister is a member. Their grandma got sick so their parents made them go visit her the day of her baptism. We are going to keep working with them and hopefully we can baptise them later. My convert Lucero shared her testimony on Sunday and thanked us for changing her life. A member gave me a new suit. The pants are tight on me but it is a really a nice suit. We found out the changes on Sunday and.... I stay in the same area with the same companion. After this change I will have been in this area for 6 months. I was kind of hoping for a change but obviously theres more work for me to do in my area. I had to give a talk two sundays ago. I forgot to tell you about it. They called me Saturday night at 9 and told me that I have to give a talk about missionaries. I prepared a little and then winged it. The talk was from Elder Bednar for the youth preparing to go on a mission. I just followed the spirit and basically roasted the youth of the ward.


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