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20170710 Elder Geddes in the mission field - baptism

This week I got to baptize Lucero!!!!!!! I contacted her on the street about a month ago and now she's baptized!! It was amazing. Its r...

Friday, June 9, 2017

20170605 Elder Geddes in the mission field

The week was kind of crazy. We ran into two gangs one on Friday named Pelones and one on Sunday named Los Beybis Locos. We were just walking down the street and there were a bunch of men taking turns shaving there head, some of them were visibly drunk. They asked us if we wanted our heads shaved. I didn't understand everything that was going on. They said that they wanted to take my eyes and do a transplant haha. They were like we've got a knife we can do it right now. The other gang were all really high haha and everything that we said to them was funny. They also wanted my eyes. There was also 2 other people this week that called my eyes hermoso. We have have people that we are teaching but we cant get anyone to go to church. Its a little frustrating but people have their agency.

This week I had some questions about the Celestial Kingdom and so I took some time to study it and wow God's Plan is so cool. If we could just remember the Plan of Salvation all the time we would always make the correct decisions and do the things that we need to do to get there. Only in the highest part of the Celestial Kingdom are we able to progress to become like God. If we go to any of the other kingdoms there is no progressing. I want to live my life in a way that will take me to the Celestial Kingdom. I was talking to my companion about and I was like I'm freaking in it to win it! Read your scriptures, say your prayers, keep the sabbath day holy, keep the commandments so that we can live with God and have all the blessings that are possible.

Love Elder Geddes

20170531 Elder Geddes in the mission field

This week not much has changed. This week we went to all of our investigators houses but none of them were home. A lot of people in the area that we are in, are very uneducated and that don't think haha. They don't understand a lot of things. For example one of our investigators can't see the difference between any of the Christian church even though we have taught him the first three lessons and explained it to him and his wife a million times. So we left him a book of Mormon and invited him to read and pray about it. We have been cuting people off who aren't progressing. I'm able to talk a little bit more in the lesson which is good but I still only understand half of the words that the people say haha. Apparently they speak really sassy, dramatic Spanish here so it makes it harder to understand. I'm studying hard and learning little by little. I've noticed that I can understand more of the scriptures now. We went to ihop after the temple today!!

20170522 Elder Geddes in the mission field

This week was a little rough. We tried to focus on our investigators and really work on the ones that we have but the problem is that none of them are progressing because they don't come to church and keep their commitments. Its so easy all they have to do is do the things that we are telling them and they will know that its true and will be able to live better lives, but they just don't do it. This week we are going to spend more time finding new investigators, hopefully some who are ready for the gospel. We had an investigator that we had been teaching for a while, Vanesa, who told us that she doesn't want to change and so she doesn't want to meet with us and my heart just hurts for her because she could live a much happier life with the gospel. We had  Our baptismal fecha (date) fell this week too. Odalys wouldn't come to church and we visited her later that day and she said that her father isn't going to let her travel to get baptized because its too far away. We want to talk to her father but he's never home. He works until late at night. We are working hard and always busy doing something but we aren't having the most success. My brain doesn't want to do Spanish haha. I'm going to have a companionship inventory this week. I'm trying the best I can but there is so much that I don't know. But I keep trying and I am learning even if its not as fast as I would like. The scriptures have a new meaning on the mission. I love to read them. I feel like I could study them all the time. The gospel so much deeper than we realize.  Its crazy. I want to learn it all haha. But first, I want to learn Spanish.

Love Elder Geddes

Also enjoy this picture of tacos (you should be jealous)

20170508 Elder Geddes in the mission field

Cinco de Mayo is for the battle in Puebla so everywhere else its not a big deal. The kids are out of school and that's it. I think we are going to talk at 3 or 4 on Monday (Mother's Day). I would love for Morgan to be there. We teach a lot of people but few people keep their commitments and even fewer go to church. My Spanish is really bad. I've never learned a language before and I don't know how but I'm trying my best and that's all that I can do. I will have a scripture by Sunday hopefully.