Monday, June 19, 2017

20170619 Elder Geddes in the mission field - important to be obedient so that you can have the spirit with you

This week we taught Adrian, the guy that we brought to church last Sunday. His wife goes to a Baptist church and he tried to bring scriptures from the bible to the lesson to try and disprove us and he wrote down every scripture that we used. Ugh she is what we call a tapona. I really felt like we needed to teach him lesson one but my companion wouldn't listen to me. It was very frustrating. He was basically just doing a question and answer but all the questions that he had would have been answered if we would have just started teaching. I don't think he understands, yes we teach people, not lessons, but we still need to teach the lesson and apply it to their needs. 'Im not supposed to talk bad about my companion so Ill just stop there haha. We had divisions with the zone leaders on Tuesday. I was with Elder Osorio. Afterwards they gave us advice on things. They were saying something and I felt the spirit tell me something else. Its not important what words you say its the spirit that teaches the lessons so that's why its important to be obedient so that you can have the spirit with you. We had interviews with president on Friday. They were interesting. I felt like he told my that I was being negative because I told him all the things that Elder Hernandez was doing wrong in the first interview so that made me really confused. If my companion is breaking rules then does he not want me to tell him??? Because it says in the missionary handbook to. Idk. On Saturday we got stopped by a drunk guy named Edwin from Honduras who knew a little English and every other word was a cuss word. He talked to us for like 30 minutes its was pretty funny. He kept trying to get us to admit that we worked for the FBI. That's my week. Ill get a new companion a week from Tuesday and most likely I will stay in my same area. Its really hot. Its been over a 100 degrees all week and I guess that's how it is for all of next month all the time.... I miss air conditioning haha.

Elder Geddes

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